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The kindergarten was founded in April 28, 2014 by Ms. Chen Dongzhi, an investment of close to 2 million yuan was for many years engaged in the education of children, the full realization of the brand concept, environment design, garden construction, curriculum and teacher training and a series of kindergarten hardware independent intellectual property rights of the construction target;

Kindergarten aims to create a high-end quality of pure ecological garden style learning and living environment for children and living. The geographical position is superior, far away from the city noise. The Kindergarten covers an area of nearly 10 acres, with a construction area of 4800 square meters, and 5000 square meters of garden and outdoor activities.

The whole kindergarten has set up 200 spots for kids, using bilingual teaching style (Chinese and English), every class has a foreign teachers who is qualified as foreign experts,  and a few qualified Chinese teachers, to cultivate children's comprehensive quality.




Hainan Dongzhi Manor kindergarten Address: 25 Gangao Avenue , Hainan, Haikou Tel:0898-66592768
海南东智庄园国际幼儿园 地址:海南省海口市港澳大道25号 电话:0898-66592768 琼ICP备17004620号-1 技术支持:讯奇网络